Time for something new!

Working with watercolor on special canvas has really opened up some new possibilities for me! It acts like hot pressed paper because it is so smooth and the color sort of floats on the top of the surface. It is different than a regular watercolor canvas and I definitely couldn't have imagined working on it as a total beginning painter. I feel it is another major artistic shift in my life-just when I needed it!

In taking my art career seriously,  I have experienced shifts each time I was getting discouraged. Starting out, I painted scenes right around my home and a few florals. Going on my first short trip to France in 1991 led to major change and growth! The next occurred after my first visit to Lanesboro MN in 1997 as it reminded me of parts of Provence that I had seen. Teaching myself plein aire painting (painting outdoors) by painting at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum for 18 months in preparation for teaching in Monet's Gardens in 2007 and 2009 was an amazing experience. Going back to the water by painting the harbor and area around Lake City, Mn. again brought new life to my work!

The most unexpected change happened in 2010 when I began to paint paintings of a deep spiritual nature that always seemed to have an encouraging message to go with them. I sense this in most of the work I do now. The recent canvas paintings that I have been doing, have so much color and joy within them. Everything is still new and I am excited to see where it will lead!